Сочинение: мы тратим слишком много времени думая о будущем и не хватает времени, наслаждаясь настоящим. На английском!!!


Ответ дал: АнастасияВасюкова
we spend too much time thinking about the future and not enough time enjoying the present.
Ответ дал: pogvolda
I think it's a problem nowadays, we are busy with our future and we forget that we live today and not tomorrow. We live in unstable world and people at the young age start to worry about their future. It's common for teenagers to think where are they going to work, at what age they're want to merry and have children. We think about money, debts and out problems too much in my opinion.
Sometimes people need just to stop, to rest a little and think about what they're have today. That their life is not this future plans, but it's today, right now with friends and relatives.
I think everyone must delineate their current life and their future life and understand that future depends on their current.
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