Помогите написать "book review" про любую книгу.....очень надо


Ответ дал: farida1892
The captain's daughter
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
The first time I heard about this book in class 7. Our literature teacher read us this book in class, the remaining page we had to read at home. On me an indelible impression of the work . This is one of those diamonds classic literature, due to which I am addicted to classics. Why? A. S. Pushkin a genius not only poetry but also prose. It "Belkin's stories", "the Queen of spades" did not concede "the Captain's daughter".
From the outset, Pushkin has managed to lure me into a mysterious 18th century, the age of the Pugachev uprising.
How magically written about love Peter Grineva to Masha Mironova, how these two lovers do not cease to fight for their happiness. Left a mark in my soul and Pugachev. His actions and behavior each time surprised. Very fond of the characters, it was sad to leave them, so did not want to close the book.
Alexander is the eternal author. He lives on the shelves of libraries and bookstore always, and his works know how kids and adults. Great author, fabulous book.
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