помогите по английскому языку нужно описать комноты по 1 упражнения



Ответ дал: donna7
The bedroom is big and light. There is a big bed in the bedroom. There is a wardrobe in the corner. There is a desk near the wardrobe. There are a computer and a lamp on the desk. There are many books in the bookcase. And the bookcase is near the desk. There is a carpet on the floor.
The bathroom is white. we can find a mirror, a bath, a washbasin, and a toilet.
The walls in the kitchen are yellow. We see a table with its chairs, a fridge, a gas-cooker(я не виду , как у тебя там написано- плита) и припиши мойку с артиклем ...in the kitchen.
The living room is bright with a big window. There are pictures on the wall.
There is a sofa with a coffee table in the centre of a living room. There is an arm chair in the living room

donna7: Ошибки в 5 нашла , исправь ! A computer and a lamp are on the desk.
И в 10 допиши в конце предл. ... in the bathroom.
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