даю 50 баллов переведите 26упр. на английский


дильназ130: говоришь что дашь 50 баллов а на самом деле 5...


Ответ дал: Rainbow05
а) I.1. It is sunny. There is no rain. 2. It's cold. It is snowing. 3. It's cloudy. A cold wind is blowing. 4. It's frosty but the sun is shining. 5. It's raining. It is foggy. It is wet. 6. Is it snowing? - No, it isn't. It is clear out side. 
II.1. It was warm yesterday though it was raining. 2. It was windy last Wednesday but it was clear. 3. A strong wind was blowing yesterday evening and it was cold. 4. There was no sun yesterday morning. 5. There was light mist three days ago but it was warm. 6. It was snowing last week. It was frosty.

b) The autumn has come. The days have become shorter. There are a lot of cloud rainy days with showers. But recently, it was warm and dry, the Sun was shining and the days were nice. Last Sunday I walked through the woods and listened to the birds singing. And now I'm sitting at the desk and doing my homework. But I love the autumn and I love school. This year I will learn English again.

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