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 1) Our city has many parks.
 2) Your work has some mistakes.
 3) His room has two windows.
 4) This museum has many pictures of Russian painters.
 5) There will be two garages in our yard.
 6) Last year our group had five excellent students.
 7) I hope that in this year in our group will be many excellent students. 
 8) This book has many pictures.
 9) There were many men, women and children in the train.
10) There were many students in the museum.

 1) Members of our delegation spent ten days in the Kiev.
 2) I enjoy listening to my father when he sings Russian songs.
3) Did you hear about that scientist?
4) Mother took care and spent a lot of time with them.
5) Furniture in our room is very simple.
6) This old park is visited by many men, women and children every day.
7) Women from all over world want peace happiness for their children.

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