a dialogue about summer holidays with your partner?


Ответ дал: NumberOneSofya
- How did ypu spend your summer holidays?
- So, I was in the village, in the camp, went to the sea. What about you?
- I was in the city, in the garden. I was helping my grandmother.
- How was it?
- It was cool!
- Did you walked with your friends?
- Yeah, we went to the cinema, to the park.
- Great
- Do you want to go to school?-
- Yes! I want to meet my classmates.
- Really?
- Yes, i missed them
- OK, bye. 
- Bye

Ответ дал: NataliaAndreevna
- Natalie! You have a wonderful tan, where have you been this summer?
- My parents and I as usual went to Anapa, I love the sun and the sea.
- Did you bathe, sunbathe or do fishing?
- Oh, no! What fishing? We sunbathed, bathed, dived, and had fun.
- What did you do in the evenings? We played volleyball and even football, it was great to play volleyball on the sand.
- Did you take any photos?
- Yes, of course, we had a camera, I photographed everything.
- Cool. And I was at home the whole summer. It's so sad to sit at home in summer.
- Yes, you are right.
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