Помогите срочно. даю 40 баллов
1. Choose the best option.
a. You can't use spreadsheets, can you/can't you?
b.I'm right again,aren't I/amn't I?
c.They haven't got a car, haven't they/have they?
d.It's very cold today,isn't/ is it ?
e.He forgot to post the letter, hasn't he/ didn't he?
f.Sarah won't come, will Sarah/will she?
g.The weather was terrible, wasn't it/ was it?
h.John's got drown eyes, has he, hasn't he?
i.I look silly in this jumper, aren't I/ don't I?
j.You'd like to watch the film, wouldn't/would you?


Ответ дал: 123ILoveSchool1
а) can you
b) amnt i
c( have they
d) isnt it
e) hasnt it
f) will she
g) wasnt it
h) has he
i) dont i
j) wouldnt you
Ответ дал: mariaayu96
A) can you
B) amn’t I
C) have they
D) isn’t it
E) didn’t he
F) will she
G) wasn’t it
H) hasn’t he
I) don’t I
J) wouldn’t you
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