Complete the sentences, using must, mustn't, have to or will have to
1. Julie, trying to train her dog: You must sit when I tell you to!
2. The teacher who is invigilating Stephen's exam: You ______ try to talk to each other during the exam.
3. The doctor to a nurse, about a patient with a bad heart: He ______ stay in bed for several weeks, and ______ talk too much.
4. Mr. Wilson phones his wife at 6 pm: I'm afraid I'm going to be late — I ______ finish some letters.
5. The immigration officer notices that a traveller hasn't signed his new passport: You ______ sign it as soon as you get it.
6. Mr. Wilson explains why he is taking a pill: I ______ take these pills for my blood pressure.
7. Mrs. Wilson is offering more cake to a guest at a tea party: You ______ have some more cake.
8. Stephen has hurt his knee playing football: The doctor says I ______ play for three weeks.


Ответ дал: ananastasianastia
2 mustn't
3 will have to, mustn't
4 will have to
5 must
6 have to
7 have to
8 mustn't
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