29. Use the necessary form of there is/are.

1. … 50 states in the USA.

2. … a hotel two blocks from here.

3. … no film in the camera.

4. … any concert on TV tonight?

5. … about 800 000 words in English.

6. …a great number of talented people in the Students’ Union.

7. How many letters … in the English alphabet?

8. How many people … in this country?

9. … no rules for judging when reading a piece of writing.

33. Fill in the blanks as in the example.

I went on holiday last year but it was a disaster! My hotel room was 1) smaller than (small) the one in the photograph in the brochure. I think it was 2) ______ (small) room ___ the hotel. The weather was terrible too. It was 3)_______ (cold) in England. The beach near the hotel was very dirty – it was 4) ______ (dirty) all the beaches on the island. The food was 5) _____ (expensive) ____ I expected and I didn’t have enough money. One day I went shopping to a big department store and I broke a vase. It was 6)______(expensive) vase _____ the whole shop. But 7)_______ (bad) thing ______ all was that I lost my passport and I couldn’t go back home. It was 8) ______ (horrible) holiday ____ my life.

34. Use very or much.

London is becoming a 1) very popular place for American tourists. All the big attractions are now 2) ____ busy in summer months. The crowds of tourists around places like Buckingham Palace are 3) _____ bigger than they were a few years ago. Sales of postcards and other sou-venirs are 4) ____ higher now than in past years. This is 5) _____ good news for the British tourist industry.


Ответ дал: Juliyasha11
1 there are
2 there is
3 there is
4 is there
5 there are
6 there are
7 are there
8 are there
9 there are

2 the smallest
3 colder than
4 dirtier than
5 more expensive than
6 the most expensive
7 the worst thing of all
8 the most horrible

2 very
3 much
4 much
5 very
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