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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms (Present Simple / Present Continuous/ Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous / Past Simple / Past Continuous / will / going to):
13. When I (come) _______at home yesterday, my mom (сook) _______a pie.
14. I (live) _______in Brazil two years ago.
15. -The phone's ringing. - I (get) _______it.
16. Kendra (smell) _______the soup because it tastes strange.
17. Be careful! You (trip) _______over that toy!
18. _______you (play) _______any musical instruments when you (be) _______a kid?
19. My chief usually (work) _______on Saturdays.
20. She (speak) for an hour on the phone.
21. He (wait) _______for you at this moment.
22. What _______ your brother (do) _______? – He (be) _______a sportsman.
23. Ann is in the library. She (make) _______a report.
24. Recently, she (plant) _______some bulbs and flowers.
25. I (cook) _______a cake when he (come back) _______home yesterday.
26. – Is Mary crying? – No, she isn't, she (peel) _______onions.
27. Now Justin (write) _______a book about his adventures in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when it is finished.
28. We (have) _______dinner tomorrow night. Would you like to come? Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives:
29. Dan likes sun and hot weather. So summer is_______ (good)season for him.
30. Mary is _______ (young) of all the students in the classroom.
31. Whales are _______ (big) animals in the sea.
32. I don’t like lizards. They’re _______ (ugly) animals on planet!
33. St.Petersburg isn't _______ (expensive) Moscow. Use the idioms to complete the sentences:
34. If you disagree, don't be afraid to_______.
35. She's always causing so much trouble. She's a real _______!
36. He told us a funny story to _______. Form adjectives from the following words:
37. attract
38. romance
39. generosity
40. horror
41. rely


Ответ дал: mariaatwogaman

çame, was çooking, live, will get, smelled, are tripped, have you played, were, works, speaks, is waiting, does, do, is a, makes, planted, was cooking, came back, peels, is writing, will have a, the best, the youngest, the biggest, ugliest, as expensive as, say it, problem

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