Make third conditional sentence for each of the situations/begin with the words given below
1)She didnt have a car.She couldnt have driventhere (If she)
2)I didnt know she was the examiner/I made a silly joke)(Had)
3)I didnt go downstairs.I was afraid of the dark(I might)
4)She was nervous.She made a mistake(If.......)
5)The other pupil laughed at me.I cried(if ....)


Ответ дал: DocendoDiscimus

Если можно использовать только третье условное, то так:

1) If she had had a car, she could have driven there.  

2) Had I known she was the examiner, I wouldn't have made a silly joke.

3) I might have gone upstairs if I hadn't been afraid of the dark.

4) If she hadn't been nervous, she wouldn't have made a mistake.

5) If the other pupil hadn't laughed at me, I wouldn't have cried.

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