You are going to give a talk about your favourite writer. Write 15 sentences.
1) who is your favourite writer?
2) why you like his/her books?
3) what style they are written in?


Ответ дал: sonya44577
I going to tell about JK Rowling. It’s my favorite writer. I rode all her books about Harry Potter. I like her books because they more interesting than film about Harry. Also this books . Also these books are filled with magic, I like it very much. My favorite book is about Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. I like it very much because in this book I get acquainted with Harry Potter , learn about his life and about the school of magic. I also like Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. I think everyone who has read this book likes it. As for me, Rowling's books are very interesting, exciting and unpredictable. I advise those who have not read these books to read them . After all, it is much more interesting than the film. In the film, the script of these books is shrinking, while reading the book you not only obogatit his speech , but also learn many new facts about Harry Potter.
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