35. She is __________ woman I have ever seen. (kind)

a) a kind

b) most kind

c) the kindest

d) a kinder

36. Is there anything in the world __________ than indecision? (bad)

a) badder

b) more bad

c) worst

d) worse

37. All his life he had tried to be as __________ as his fellows. (brave)

a) braver

b) bravest

c) brave

d) most brave

38. I don’t like my room because it is not so __________ as yours. (cosy)

a) cosier

b) cosy

c) cosiest

d) more cosy

39. If you ask for my opinion, you look __________ in that green dress. (attractive)

a) more attractive

b) attractiver

c) attractively

d) most attractively

40. For her family it was __________ accident. (tragic)

a) tragically

b) more tragic

c) the most tragic

d) tragic​


Ответ дал: Denis9111


35 с

36 d

37 c

38 b

39 a

40 c


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