Напишите рассказ о себе на английском языке. Небольшой!


Ответ дал: Franychka
I was born in Ukraine in 1997.My name is ... and I'm 16 years old.
My family is not big. My parents are doctors.My younger brother is a pupil. We study at the same school. I like English too.I like modern music and reading.I like all kinds of music but my favourite one is rock. My favourite group Nirvana.I can listen to the songs when I'm not well or sad or happy. I like comedies, I often watch them. I'm a kind and communicative person.
Ответ дал: rubanova97
hello! my name is julia. i'm 16 years old. i live in minsk. my hobbi is to draw. i like drawing very much. i have not long and not short black hair, green eyes,and not very big beautifull lips. i have mother and little brother. my mother's name is sveta she is 32 and she is my best friend. i love her very much. my brother's name is vitalik. he is five years old. hi is very funny and i like to play with him. in my free time i like to go for a walk with my friends or spent it with my family. mi life is very beautifull and i like to live!
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