Хелп...................... ​



Ответ дал: cadyrbekovernar


b. didn't have

c. wore

d. didn't wear

e. didn't speak

f. didn't write

g. grew

h. ate

Zvoni911: хорошо, сейчас
Zvoni911: The Incos lived in Peru around 600 years ago. They built cities, bridges and roads. Their houses had one room. They didn't have furniture. Men wore tunics and women wore long dresses. They made their clothes from wool or cotton. They didn't speak Spanish. They spoke Quechua, but they didn't write this language. They grew potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. They caught fish and ate them. But they didn't eat much meat.
Zvoni911: вот☺️
cadyrbekovernar: сделал
Zvoni911: благодарю
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