Составить или придумать текст со своими эмоциями(в конце, после рассказа). Сначала об случае, а потом свои эмоции об этом. Должно быть 10 предл или больше. На английском​


Ответ дал: JustIdiot


Let me tell you a story that happened to my mother yesterday.My mother was cooking when her phone starts ringing.She answered it and immediately was shocked.Her boss called her and told to go back to her work place.She immediately got dressed and ran out of our house!But the road was very difficult for her.The lazy cats,who were laying on her way and they didn't want to move,the bus broke down in the middle of the road, blocking her path...In the end,she was all covered in dirt and very tired.When she saw her boss,he smiled at her and told her:"Oops,sorry,i forgot that you took a vacation.You can go back to your home."After her arrival,we laughed together about this story and I promised her to never tell anyone this story.But honestly,it was the funniest thing i have ever heard.



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