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Put the verbs between brackets in the Present Progressive (Present Continuous) or the Simple Present.

1. My brother
(believe) that he has seen you before, but I
(not remember) you.
2. I
(fly) to Toronto next week.
3. He
(like) women who
(know) what they
4. The cook
(taste) the soup to see if he needs to spice it up.
5. We can't have a barbecue because it
6. She
(stay) in Geldrop for two weeks.
7. My son usually
(play) with Lego, but today he
(play) with Playmobil.
8. My grandmother
(live) in York and she still
(have) an old-fashioned iron bath.
9. My grandparents
(watch)Neighboursevery day of the week.
(not disturb) them! They
(watch) their favourite soap.
11. We
(have) a party next weekend.
12. The gynaecologist said to them:"She is pregnant. You
(have) a baby."
13. I
(not smell) anything suspicious.
14. My father
(smoke) one cigar every weekend.
15. As long as my mother is ill, I
(cook) for my father.


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