Срочно!!!! 10 предложений на Will!!​


Ответ дал: gamoindmuzyka

Will you win this round?

will you go to the Maldives?

will you visit your parents?

will you will you send him a message?

will you tell the teacher about it?

will you perform on the school envelope?

will you go on a cruise to Italy tomorrow?

will you have surgery in a private clinic?

will you go with him?

will you congratulate the teachers?

Ответ дал: Evsless


1. I'll be home in the evening

2. In autumn I will go to school every day

3. Tomorrow I will go to the library and borrow some books.

4. I will play tennis tomorrow.

5. She will buy a car this year

6. He will call you back

7. It will help you

8. They will watch an interesting film at the weekend

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