Срочно надо помогите пожалуйста даю 35 балов



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1 she has two sisters

2 what do they have at home?

3 Who study English?

4 where are we going?

5 what books do you read?

6 does Martha have a car?

7 what do your parents do?

8 where do your friends live?

9 children do not like cats

10 do you have the keys?

11 when your sister is watching tv?

12 they don't cook dinner in the morning

13where are they living?

14 your friends from japan?

15 how old is her father?

16 who plays the piano?

17this man is not going to Spain

18 Mary does not listen to music

19 they work in a hospital

20 our dad drinks four cups of coffee


Ответ дал: 215rep612per

1. She has two sisters.

2. What do they have at home?

3. Who does study English?

4. Where do we go?

5. Why do you read books?

6. Does Marta have a car?

7. What do your parents do?

8. Where do your friends live?

9. Children don't like cars.

10. Do you have keys?

11. What time does your sister watch TV?

12. They don't cook dinner in the morning.

13. Where do they live?

14. Do your friend from Japan?

15. How old is her father?

16. Who does play the piano?

17. This man doesn't go to Spain.

18.  Mary doesn't listen to music.

19. They work in a hospital.

20. Our father drinks four cups of coffee.

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