Task 1. Match the words (1-9) with the definitions (A-I). 1) apart A) more quickly than usual 2) to get around B) very C) something that costs a lot of money D) in a way that makes you feel physically relaxed 3) to raise 4) railway 5) fairly E) some things that are not elose to each other 6) cheap 7) comfortably 8) in a hurry 9) expensive F) to put something up G) low in price H) a way of travelling by train; a system of trains I) to go or travel to different places Write the answers here: E-1
Кому не сложно помогите не успеваю!Кто из 5 класса и сделал этот тест скиньте весь тест пжл!50б.​


Ответ дал: elshad1mansurov


A) In a hurry

B) Very

C) Expensive

D) Comfortable

E) Aparr

F) To get around

G) Cheap

H) Railway

I) To raise

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