Допоможіть будь ласка​


vlasikkarasik6134: А який клас?
xcgdiongdfb: .9


Ответ дал: LadySandra27


2. If I had had enough money, I would have taken a taxi.

3. If I had been interested in the film, I would have gone to the cinema.

4. If we hadn't taken the wrong turning, we wouldn't have arrived late.

5. Romeo wouldn't have committed a suicide, if he hadn't thought Juliet was dead/had thought Juliet was alive.

6. If Oliver wasn't punished, he wouldn't have asked for more food.

7. The building wouldn't have fallen down, if it hadn't had weak foundation.

8. You could have come first if you had run fast.

9. Had I known she was the examiner, I wouldn't have made a silly joke.

10. If she had had a car, she could have driven there.


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