ACTIVITY BOOK Womend Frereise 3: Complete the sentences with the words below. One word you do.Words: pretentious pushy clumsy romantic careless deceitful courageous eager hospitable practical 1.Mark is___to improve his English. He's studying really hard. 2. Mary tripped over the carpet and dropped her cup on the floor. She was ___ 3. Sam is so ___ On Valentine's Day he bought his wife a lot of red Roses 4. My cousin Jane is extremely____ We get really well looked after her house Sam went back into the burning building to rescue his cat. He was___6. She's so___ She left her cash card at the till of the supermarket yesterday 7. My parents are very___They insist that I apply to university, even though I don't want to 8. It was___of Jack to lie about how he spent money. 9. Despite their wealth, they were always___ about money.​


Ответ дал: fluwuless


1. eager

2. clumsy

3. romantic


5. courageous

6. careless

7. pretentious

8. deceitful

9. pushy

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