Ответьте "True/верно", "False/не верно" или "Don`t know/не знаю".

1) The English spoken in the USA and Australia does not differ from the English spoken in Great Britain.
2) There are many borrowed words in English.
3) People cut down long words to get new ones/
4) There are three English-speaking countries in the world/
5) Some world came to Englis from Russia.
6) There are 450 words in Webster Third New International Dictionary.
7) All dictionarise are always made in two languages.
8) You can learn English only if you life in an English-speaking country.
9) English is the most popular foreign in Russia.
10) There are thirty-two letters in the English alphabet.

yaneznayu69: а откуда нас знать правильно или нет, там нету текста?
yaneznayu69: нам*


Ответ дал: karakatamanbaj66



9.dont know



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