1. I...English exercises twice a week. (to write) 2. My friend...his homework in the afternoon as a rule. (to do) 3. My sister...her homework now. (to do) 4. Don't shout! The baby...(to sleep) 5. The baby always...after dinner. (to sleep) 6. What...you now? (to read) 7. What books...you...for your literature lessons? (to read) 8. What...your mother usually for lunch? (to cook) 9. ...she...a cake now? (to cook) 10. We...(not travel) by train very often.
Помогите срочно, на место трое точек ставить слова​


Ответ дал: zvordy


1. I write English exercises twice a week.

2. My friend does his homework in the afternoon as a rule.

3. My sister is doing her homework now.

4. Don't shout! The baby is sleeping.

5. The baby always sleep after dinner.

6. What are you reading now?

7. What books are you read for your literature lessons?

8. What cooks your mouther usually for lunch?

9. Is she cooking a cake now?

10. We don't travel by train very often.

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