Раскройте скобки.
1.Jim often …(play) the guitar and he …(play) it very well. He …(play) at the concert tomorrow.
2.Listen! Somebody …(play) the guitar.
3.The shop …(open) at 9 o’clock and …(close) at 5.30.
4.You can turn off the radio. I … (not/listen) to it at the moment.
5.When my dad …(drive) a car he often …(listen) to the radio. But he …(not/listen) to it now, he is so tired.
6.I ... (think) of moving to the country.
7. The perfume ….(smell) flowery.
8. Mary … (smell) the roses on the desk.
9. Tom cannot answer the phone. He ( have a shower) at the moment.
10. Pat … ( see) her sister in a café next Sunday.
11. We can … (see) mountains from our window.
12. The Smiths … (own) two cars.
13. My friend…. (believe) in ghosts.
14. The book … (include) three stories.
15. Bob often … (visit) his grandparents at the weekends.


Ответ дал: tazievabalnr

Ответ:1. plays, is playing

2. is playing

3. opens, closes

4. am not listening

5. is driving, listens. isn't listening.

6. am thinking

7. smells

8. is smelling

9. is having a shower

10. is seeing

11. see

12. owns

13. believes

14. including

15. visits


Это правильный ответ учительница сказала я отличница

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