Срочно!Дам 100 баллов
1.Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Continuous
1. Tony (walk) home when it started raining. 2. What (you/do) at 5 o’clock yesterday? 3. We (plan) to go to the cinema, but we stayed home instead. 4. Ian (not/take) notes during the lesson.
2. Раскройте скобки, употребляяFuture Simple или Present Simple
1. If you (get) a pet, you will not be lonely. 2. I will buy you a present if I (have) enough money. 3. If you (cook) dinner, I will wash the dishes. 4. If we (buy) a car, we will not have to travel by train.
3. Используйте в предложении подходящее по смыслу слово
gossip, fashion, text messages, horoscopes, article
1. I read an interesting … about the media. 2. My sister buys a popular magazine to read … about famous people’s lives. 3. … try to tell you what will happen in the future. 4. Polly likes to send … to her friends. 5. Jane buys Sugar magazine for its … advice.
4. Выберите подходящее по смыслу слово
1. I was surprised/surprising to hear I won the competition. 2. The zebra ran off/went off before I could take a photograph. 3. It can be difficult to come on/up with new ideas. 4. Mark was very excited/exciting when he won the writing award. 5. What does the weather article/report say? 6. I like fashion and beauty advice/strips in this magazine. 6. In sports, it’s a great achievement to attend/break a world record. 7. This bag really goes on/with your shoes.
5. Выберите подходящий вариант
1. We moved to the city because we needed some … and quiet. A fresh B peace C sleep 2. I was … to see that the puppy found a home. A happy B shocked C interested 3. I like watching chat … when I want to relax. A reports B shows C news 4. If you press the …, the screen will turn on. A button B dome C gadget 5. In the future, people … to space on holiday A will travel B travelled C travel 6. Mary and Tom … their house at 5 o’clock yesterday A left B are leaving C leave 7. I like … films because they usually take place in space. A adventure B drama C science fiction 8. Kathy was doing her homework while Suzy … A was cooking B cooks C is cooking 9. The detective … mysterious letter in the cupboard. A is finding B found C was finding 10. The police officer asked to see my A surf B ID C rate 11. A scorpion was found in a … of grapes A bouquet B glass C bunch 12. John …, took a shower and left for work. A was getting up B got up C get up 13. … when you rang the bell? A were they sleeping B did the sleep C are they sleeping 14. We … the dog for a walk every morning. A are taking B take C taking 15. He … lunch now A prepares B was preparing C is preparing 16. The book … you are reading is very good. A who B why C which 17. I … to pay the bills last month. A didn’t remember B don’t remember C doesn’t remember 18. They … their son every Sunday. A are visiting B visit C visits 19. If you are feeling tired, you … go to bed. A should go B shouldn’t go C go


Ответ дал: kkslvld
was walking
were you doing
were planning
wasn’t taking notes
2. get
3. article
text messages
4. surprised
went off
5. b
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