Use active or passive. Complete it with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

This is a Custom Service Report.
At 10.45 A.M. the luggage from Brazil (1)... (search) by Customs Service officials and dogs. A small bag (2)... (find) by one of the dogs, so it (3)... (mark) by one of the officials.
We then (4)... (go) up to the baggage claim area where passengers (5)... (wait) for their bags. We (6)... (watch) the passengers to see who the bag belonged to. The bag (7)... (pick up) by a tall man in his late 40s. I (8)... (ask) the man to open it. The bag (9)... (search) by one of the Customs Service officials and a small bag (10)... (find) inside. The man (11)... (arrest) and (12)... (take) into the interrogation room.


Ответ дал: gulsana0519


к словам которые в скобках в конце добавляеш окончание

ing например searching.


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