написати твір з англійської "моя улюблена їжа" ​


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How can you limit yourself to only one favorite food. I can name up to 20 different dishes that I like. Go.

Macaroni in the Navy. A simple dish: pasta and minced meat. But it’s very tasty.Pilaf. There are many recipes for pilaf, for example in Uzbekistan it is cooked with a huge amount of seasonings. I love the «adapted» version, with a minimum of spices.

Sushi with salmon and rolls Philadelphia. I’m not a fan of Japanese cuisine, but I like these dishes.

Ravioli with salmon and spinach. Italian, Mediterranean cuisine is rich in delicious and very bright dishes.

Pancakes with apple jam or with maple syrup. Pancakes came to us from dense pre-Christian times, a symbol of the sun.

Borscht. With beans, cabbage, without beets. Colorful South-Russian dish. To this pampushki or biscuits with garlic and sour cream.

The soup, cooked right on the river bank from freshly caught fish. It is important and the taste and atmosphere. Here you can also remember shish kebab from pork.

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