Ex.2. Read the text and say whether the statements are true or false.

1.Mr. Spencer works for a local clothes company.

2.Не has helped to establish research centers in Europe.

3.Mr. Spencer’s mission in Germany was to open a new subsidiary.

4.Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brown have already met before.

5.Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brown made an appointment for midautumn.

6.Mr. Spencer didn’t manage to settle many crucial items.

7.The parties were upset with the results of the meeting.

8.It’s very important to have meetings with your business partners to exchange ideas and solve difficult problems together.

9.If you know local customs it helps you to improve relations and succeed in your business.

10.Mr. Spencer has made a lot of serious mistakes in his business and hasn’t been a big success yet



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. Information is very important nowadays.

a) True

2. Newspapers and magazines are the youngest source of


b) False

3. Only editors do their paper successful.

b) False

4. Radio is a conventional source of information and entertainment.

a) True

5. The Internet is the most important source of information.

b) False

6. Television is called "the information highway".

b) False

7. People can get information thanks to modern technology and

mass media.

a) True

8. We need information to survive today and tomorrow.

a) True

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