5. Tom... this film twice. - Really? a) saw b) sees c) have seen 6. He... to phone her several times but she.... a) tried; left b) had tried; had left c) tried; had left 7. I doubt if there's... we can do now. a) something b) anything c) any 8. The money... at the bank. a) are changed b) changed c) is changed 00000 9. One of my friends... a) bas b) have just won two free plane tickets to New York. c) to have can't afford... a new car. b) buying 10. I a) buy c) to buy 11. What are you going to be when you ...? a) grow b) will grow c) to grow 12. Nobody phoned,...? a) didn't he b) did he c) did they 13. If they had not cut off the electricity I... my work on time. a) would have finished. b) would finish c) finished 14. New York is... than London. b) more modern a) modern c) the most modern 15. Are there... mushrooms left? a) some b) c) any 16. Cactuses need... water. a) few b) a few c) little 17. I heard him... to somebody loudly. b) to talk c) talking a) talked 18. I... go to the bank yesterday to get some money. a) must b) had to. c) have to 19. She was asked.... b) come c) to be coming a) to come 20.... at the party were friends of Jan's. a) Most people b) Most of the people c) The most of the people 21. The weather was... cold that all football matches were cancelled. c) no a) such b) so me or there'll be trouble. 22. You'd better... a) to help b) helping c) help 23. I like most vegetables, but... poppers. a) no b) not c) no any 24. What's that noise? - ... the wind. a) It's b) There's c) They are


Ответ дал: lilegorodnikovoj


5. saw 6.tried ;had left 7.something

8. is changed 9. has just won 10.to buy 11.grow

12.didn't he? 13. would have finished 14.more modern 15.any

16. little 17. talking 18.had to 19.to come





24. It's


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