21. Circle the correct variants. 1. is your birthday? - It is in June. A How B What C When 2. is your best friend? - My best friend is Mike. A When B Who C Why 3. are you crazy about? - I'm crazy about sports. A What B Where C When 4. are you? - I'm eleven. A Where B How old C How many 5. is your textbook? - It is in my bag. A How B Who C Where 6. is this girl? She is my cousin. - A Who B Where C Why 7. desks are in the classroom. - Fifteen. A How old B How many C How C How 8. are you? - I'm fine, thank you. A Who B Where

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1 С

2 В

3 А

4 В

5 С

6 А

7 В

8 How

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