Поставити дієслова в потрібному часі. Present / Past/ Future Simple 1.We went (go) roller-skating last Saturday. 2.Our granny bakes... (bake) meat-pies every weekend. 3.We will write (write) an essay tomorrow. 4.1 really enjoyed (enjoy) the opera yesterday. 5.Where did your husband work (work) five years ago? 6. British people prefer (prefer) tea to coffee. 7.Tom, will you meet (meet) me at the railway station next Sunday? 8.Where does she usually celebrate (celebrate) her birthdays? 9.Do you have (have) a big family? 10.Newton... (invent) the telescope in 1668. 11.When ... this accident (happen)? 12.1 always... (send) Christmas cards to my grandparents. 13.Nina and Nick... (get married) in two weeks. 14. How many books they ... (bring) tomorrow? 15.Stanley ... (have) two sons and a daughter.​


Ответ дал: zuzu1209

1) went

2) bakes

3) will write

4) enjoyed

5) work

6) prefer

7) will u meet

8) celebrate

9) have

10) invented

11) did happen

12) send

13) will get married

14) did they bring

15) has

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