Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1. They speak English here.
2. They produce Nokia phones in Finland.
3. They include service in the bill.
4. We are redecorating our kitchen at the moment.
5. They make champagne in France.
6. Another company is talking over our company.
7. The company employs about 1.000 people.
8. We grow all our vegetables on the farm.
9. They are pulling down that block of flats because it is unsafe.
10. They deliver our newspapers before breakfast.​


Ответ дал: w1ldpa1n


1. English is spoken by them here

2. Nokia phones are made by them in Finland

3. the services are included by them in the bill

4. redecorating is being done by them in the kitchen at the moment

5. champagne is made by them in France

6. our company is spoken by another company

7. 1000 people are employed by the company

8. all our vegetables are grown on the farm

9. the block of flats is pulled down by them because it is unsafe

10. newspapers are delivered by them before breakfast

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