Put the words in the correct order to make Wh-questions

Там еще не поместилось 2 предложения это тоже напишите пожалуйста:

14. often/snow/in/how/it/winter / does.

15. what/mother/ does/your/teach.



Ответ дал: awsxxq

Відповідь:1.Why do you study German?

2.How does Emma spend her free time?

3.What time do they get up on Saturdays?

4.What do you like eating for breakfast?

5. Where does James usually spend his summer holidays?

6.How do they get work from home?
7.What books does Lily read?

8.How many cups of coffee doesKevin usually drink a day?

9.Where do your parents usually buy food?

10.What does he do in the evening?

11.What time does the lesson begin?

12.Where does your sister live?

13.When do the summer holidays start?

14.How often does it snow in winter?

15.What does your mother teach?


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