ДЗ - проект - обрати 2 найвідоміші людини України, знайти фото і написати про них декілька речень на английском. ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО ПЖ


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Леся Українка: Lesya knew 9 languages. At the age of 10, after an operation to remove diseased bones, she had both hands and one leg plastered. Only one leg remained free, with the fingers of which she learned to play the piano. Lesya Ukrainka introduced such words as "forecast" and "ray" into the Ukrainian language.


Іван Франко: He became the first professional Ukrainian writer who earned a living by literary work; He had a colossal memory - he knew 14 European languages, he could recite verbatim, for example, a teacher's lecture at a gymnasium. He wrote works not only in Ukrainian, but also in Polish, German and other languages.

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