помогите пж срочно даю 50 баллов 1. My dog. a) eta 2. Paul a) swam 3. Mary a) drank 4. Peter a) drawed 5. The bird a) flew, saw 6. Lisa a) was 7. Michael a) playd 8. Rick a) teached 9. David a) drank 10. Connie a) goed 11, Sofia a) wrote 12. Max a) made 13. Raphael a) wrote 14. William's dog a) raned a large bone. b) eated in the sea last holidays. b) swimmed c) swimed some socks in the shopping centre. b) bought c) danced a beautiful picture in his school. b) drawd c) drew away when it b) flyed, seed c) saw, flew Anna that she has got a pretty house b) telled c) ate c) told the guitar at the concert yesterday. c) sang b) played at the university in Oxford. b) thought b) drinked c) taught too much beer and he was drunk. c) said to the supermarket. b) bought a beautiful poem. b) writed me. b) ren c) went c) writted that his mum is a librarian. b) ran c) said a very colourful picture with his ne b) took c) painted after the squirrel. c) ran Goo​



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Ответ дал: ufcshrivct

Ответ: 1- ate

2- swam

3- bought


5- a)

6- c)

7 b)

8 - c)

9 a)

10 c)

11 a)

12 c)

13 там слово не видно последнее, если оно Phone, то ответ took

если слово Pen(s) или Pencil(s), то ответ painted

14- ran


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