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1. а) Cathedral

2. b) Hyde-ppark

3. a) Westminster AAbbey

4. c) Big Ben

5. c) British Museum

6. b) London Eye

1. Cathedral

2. tourists

3. palace

4. capital

5. sights


Я це завдання не дуже зрозуміла(до чого тут слова в дужках) , тому написала в двох варіантах :

No, I don't

Yes, she is

No, she can't

Yes, she has

No, I hwaven't

Yes, I will

Ron don't visit Buckingham Palace

No, he don't

He is proud of London

Yes, he is

They can't stand listening to classic music

No, they can't

Her friends have a nice photo of St. Paul's Cathedral

Yes, they have

My cousin haven't visited the Tower of London yet

No, she/he haven't

They will forget my trip to UK

Yes, they will


Dear friend's! (name?)


I want to tell you about local attractions that I would like to visit,

1) Trafalgar Square. One of the central squares of the city, in the center of which stands the famous Nelson's Column.

2) Tate Modern Gallery. The gallery building itself, located on the banks of the Thames, is unique, and what awaits you inside is ready. It features masterpieces by British and foreign contemporary artists.

3) Tower Bridge. One of the iconic sights of London and the most famous drawbridge in the world.

4) Platform 9 ¾. visit the old King's Cross train station from Harry Potter.

5) Fortress Tower. One of the oldest monuments of London. The fortress was built in 1066, and from 1100 to 1952 there was a prison here. Now it is a museum dedicated to the history of the city. The main exhibit is the royal crown.

Thank you for reading my letters.. (ім'я вашого друга). All the best!

Sincerely yours (ваше імя) !

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