Упражнение 3 Трансформируйте предложения в действительном залоге в страдательный
1 My mother has cooked a delicious dinner. 2 This famous writer published a new book. 3 The foreign delegation has recently visited our plant. 4 Mr. Brown will answer your message. 5 My friends often invite me to their parties. 6 We usually discuss such kind of problems with my colleagues. 7 I showed my passport to a custom-officer. 8 I will buy flowers and my brother will bring a present. 9 The receptionist filled in all the papers. 10 The teacher will ask me tomorrow.


Ответ дал: Werrina
1 A delicious dinner has been cooked by my mother.
2 A new book was published by this famous writer.
3 Our plant has recently been visited by the foreign delegation.
4 Your message will be answered by Mr. Brown.
5 I am often invited by my friends to their parties.
6 Such kind of problems is usually discussed with my colleagues.
7 My passport was showed by me to a custom-officer.
8 Flowers will be bought by me and a present will brought by my brother.
9 All the papers were filled in by the receptionist.
10 I will be asked by the teacher tomorrow.

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