4 ✰✰✰ Read the text again and answer the questions. 1 Why did nomads originally go hunting in the winter? 2 According to the article, what two things does a berkutchi need to be successful? 3 Where do the berkutchi get their eagles from? 4 Why does the berkutchi talk and sing to his eagle a lot? 5 How long does a berkutchi keep an eagle for?​



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1. Nomads originally went hunting in the winter to take advantage of the harsh climate for putting food on the table and getting fur to keep warm.

2. A berkutchi needs patience and care to be successful.

3. Berkutchis get their eagles by stealing a young bird from an eagle's nest.

4. The berkutchi talks and sings to his eagle a lot to ensure that it learns to only respond to the hunter’s voice.

5. A berkutchi keeps an eagle for up to twenty years before releasing it into the wild.

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